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This manual provides a practical and Biblical approach to the modern day Children’s Church Ministry. Discipline, teaching techniques, calendar planning guides, and more are included along with a chapter on guarding your ministry against allegations of child abuse. A Resource Appendix offers suggestions for an annual calendar plan and sample service layouts.
"Be watchful and strengthen the things which remain that are ready to die." Revelation 3:2a

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Books & Resources by Michael Eastridge are exclusively fundamental and use only the KJV.

Junior Church Leadership Manual

Twelve Studies well suited for a classroom approach or for the mid-week service hour give a practical overview of how to approach personal evangelism in everyday life. This is not another visitation guide. It is a “how to manual” for the average church member. (Available in printed or digital format. The digital format includes both a teacher's manual and a student fill in the blank handout.)

Personal Evangelism For the Church Congregation

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