The Disappearance
of Churches
The Decay
of Biblical Values
The Decline
of Congregations
The Discouragement
of Pastors
The Drain
of Missions Support

Why a ministry like CPR?

The Drain of Mission Support
With today's economic challenges and the current rate of church decline, many missionaries must now spend as much as four years raising their support for the foreign field. Missionaries already on the field are losing their support at an alarming rate as churches struggle to make ends meet or turn their focus away from the harvest fields. The work of CPR Ministries is far more than simply a home mission. It is a vitally important resource for sustaining America's outreach to a lost world desperately in need of the gospel. While the focus of CPR may be America, the vision is truly global.
"Be watchful and strengthen the things which remain that are ready to die." Revelation 3:2a

CPR Ministries

Church Planting & Recovery