The Disappearance
of Churches
The Decay
of Biblical Values
The Decline
of Congregations
The Discouragement
of Pastors
The Drain
of Missions Support

Why a ministry like CPR?

The Disappearance of Churches
This year in America approximately 4000 churches will close their doors never to reopen. 850 to 900 of these will be Baptist with some 325 being Independent Baptist Churches. While a number of new Independent Baptist Churches will be started, half of them will not survive more than 5 years. Perhaps the greatest missionary need in America is a plan to increase the survival rate of both new and declining churches.
-- Today there are 95 to 100 million unchurched Americans. If this were a nation, it would be the world's eleventh largest.
-- Only 15% of America's churches are growing and most of them because of transfer growth. Only 2-5 percent are growing by reason of conversions. Most Baptist Churches in America have not added a member by conversion in the past 3 years.
-- 85% of American churches have reached a plateau or are declining.
-- In the past 50 years, U.S. Churches have failed to gain an additional 2% of the American population
"Be watchful and strengthen the things which remain that are ready to die." Revelation 3:2a

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Source - The Barna Group